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After everyone sees and loves their photos, most of my clients end up purchasing products in addition to what comes in their package.  If you spend the time and effort into getting these stunning photos, why wouldn't you want more? Although there is no pressure at all to purchase anything beyond your package, here is more information in case you do decide to splurge on yourself a bit.

After your session you will wait 1-2 weeks for your proofing gallery. When your gallery arrives, you will have 5 days to finalize your order.  

As this is an investment, I am happy to take payment plans in order to get the products you love into your hands. This is my passion and I am here to help!

What should I order?

Most people are used to having a USB of images and that's it. They often mean to print them but never get around to it (hey we are all busy!), and that's why I offer more of a full service.  I would much rather see the artwork on walls, in books, or frames. Therefore I price my plans accordingly. 

Canvas:  Flaunt your beautiful confidence with a large print of you on your walls in your bedroom.  There will be some ultra sexy photos and some more modest ones to choose from for this.

Gifts:  The most popular gift is a little black book.  These are small and versatile, and great for the nightstand.  The cover is black so nobody can tell what's inside until they open it!  Other great gifts are the photo viewer and the calendar. 

Digitals:  A lot of people like to take the files and keep them for themselves. These are websized and  great for sharing on Facebook or making a desktop backdrop, etc.  I do not recommend printing them yourselves in any size larger than a 5x7 as consumer printers vary so much in color and contrast and I would really rather you have a perfect professional print to properly showcase my work.


Pricing and Products

Digital Packages:

40 digital images: $600

15 digital images: $350

10 digital images: $300

5 digital images: $250


30x40= $220
16x20= $120
11x14= $30
8x10 and smaller= $24


11x14: $75

16x20: $110

20x30: $155

40x30: $275


20 page 8x6 Little Black Book $350
20 page 5x7 Little Black Book $200

20 page 12x12 Coffee Table Book $400

*Pricing is subject to change.

When + Where

Sessions will take place at my new beautiful studio, located by Tukwila. 

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