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Cherry Blossom Minis - At & Around UW

You guys! Spring is finally here! There's no better feeling then coming out of a long cold (rainy) winter and into beautiful spring.  And can I just say I love my job? I get to go around Seattle on beautiful sunny days and play with beautiful families and their fun-loving kids.  Taking photos of families is like playing a big game. I always ask myself- how can I make this a fun and memorable experience for the little ones too? The more they enjoy themselves, the better the photos turn out! So I always tell the parents to let them run and play if they want - I have games and tricks up my sleeve to still get the photo you want.  

These kids at my cherry blossom minis also woke up bright and early - my sessions started at 8am to avoid the huge crowds that gather at the beautiful cherry blossom trees that bloom at the University of Washington Quad. It's worth it though- there are so many gorgeous trees all beautiful and low and wide-spread, perfect as a spring background.  

Instead of blogging all these photography sessions separately, I decided to put them together one one page for you to enjoy. The blossoms only last about 2 weeks so they are now long gone.  Can't wait to do these again next year! 

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