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Boudoir Sessions

A few tips on how to prepare

-For a 60 minute session, I recommend 2-3 outfits.  Since change time does take out of the shoot time, we are generally not able to accommodate more than 3 outfits (you can bring a 4th just in case we have time).  Although I do have clothing options at the studio, I recommended that you bring your own that you know you love and you know fit. However, if you want to browse through what we have, you can certainly do that.  What people choose to wear varies greatly. Some people like to wear a cute dress, while others a corset, cute bra set, night gown, jersey, or even topless with just underwear or jeans on.  I don't shoot full nudes, but if you want some topless shots, we can definitely do that as well as implied nude. 

-Amazon has some really great outfit choices, as well as Fashion Nova

-Please have your nails done to your liking, extra facial hair tweezed, and be shaved or waxed for our session (unless hair is your thing!)  I do not go in that deep into editing to fix these in post, so please be prepared!  I don't recommend tanning, your skin hue will look orange when captured in camera.

-Boudoir is a bit of a work out. There will be bending, flexing, and holding.  I will push you to go deeper into poses in order to get those beautiful curves you see in my photos. If you feel pain or are not able to finish certain poses due to injury please let me know ! 

-The turn around time is approx. 1-2 weeks from your shoot date, so make sure you book with enough time; however, we do have some rush processing options for a small fee.

-You may not bring anyone with you to the session. These sessions are intimate and about capturing who you are, so I like to keep them focused.

-Once your photos are done, I will send you a proofing gallery where you can choose the photos you'd like. These will have a huge logo on them, but don't worry the final ones you select will not have any logo.

-Although there is no pressure to get anything beyond your package, all my clients love their photos almost all of them do invest in more.  Most clients spend between $400-$1200 on additional images/products.  Extra images vary from $30 to $350 depending on which package you choose.

-All photos have basic retouching done, and some may have skin softening. If you want advanced editing on more photos, there may be an extra cost of $25+ per image.  Certain edits may need to be outsourced and I'll have to provide a custom quote for those.  Most people love the photos with the original edits, and don't see a need for advanced editing, so I recommend you view the photos first, and then decide if you want to add extra editing to your package.

-I will not use your photos in my portfolio without your permission. However if you feel empowered and want to help others feel empowered, I would love to share your images to other women who are interested in my work- let me know if you are okay with this :)

-Thanks so much, and I look forward to working with you!

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