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Boudoir Sessions

Boudoir sessions are a one of a kind experience. You come in, nervous and self conscious because well, we all are, and trust me to capture your beauty. Your favorite attributes, what you like about you, your personality and most of all capture how beautiful you are to the world. Sometimes it's hard for us to see ourselves that way, but guess what- your partner sees you that way, your kids see you as beautiful, so does your parents and family.  It's a session where we can stop beating ourselves up and stop all the negative talk and for a moment be at peace and calm with who we are in the world, now not when we change things about ourselves. Now. Because you are perfect right now, even if you don't see it yet. 

Come as You are!

Everyone has their insecurities. Don't let these stop you from celebrating the beautiful person you are.  I will pose you in ways to emphasize your favorite parts about you (your smile? eyes? legs? butt?) during our session so that you feel absolutely beautiful and unstoppable. 

Do you have to be sexy? Nope! Boudoir is an intimate session, meaning it's about capturing you as you allow yourself to be vulnerable. If this means jeans and a t-shirt, so be it! If it means laughing and pillow fights, that's great! 

Marathon Information

Date: Nov 17

Times: 9am-3pm

Location: Adorable studio in Pioneer square

Price: $399+tax (Deposit is just $200)


Enter to win a FREE session + Free Makeup for you and a friend!

Yes you BOTH win a session, and the more friends you invite to enter the bigger the chances of winning

*Please only enter if you are available on Nov 17 2019 during an available slot- check here* Winners will randomly drawn and announced on November 12

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